In lieu of a review this week, I thought I'd just post about some miscellaneous merch that I've bought over the years that I highly recommend. First up is this 62x90 inch Mario blanket.

This blanket is super fuzzy and nice and warm, and is a good size, and only about $24. There's a smaller version, that's 50 x 60 inches, but it costs practically the same amount. Apparently there's also a newer version of the larger blanket with yet another different design. So many options!

Next up is this ridiculously awesome Pikachu hat.

I got this hat from Spencer's, but it's available on Amazon. Anyway, this hat speaks for itself, and is only about $20. Great for people who are too lazy to do real cosplay. ;)

The last item is this Legend of Zelda Hylian shield backpack.

This is another one that speaks for itself. It's the priciest of the three items ($46ish), and I haven't actually used it yet, but it looks pretty awesome. It's kind of big, but would be good for travelling to nerd conventions. ;)

That's it for now, There's a ton of other great merchandise out there, but I'm pretty picky when it comes to actually buying stuff and these three items proved to be irresistible. I've caved on a few other things over the years, so I'll probably end up posting about them as well at some point.

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