I was surprised at how polished and consistently enjoyable the 3DS downloadable title Gunman Clive was, even more so considering it was only $2. Even though I'd just played Dillon’s Rolling Western, another game set in the Wild, Wild West, I wanted to see what the sequel to Gunman Clive had to offer. Before I knew it, I had beaten the game's main mode (Clive on normal difficulty).

The game is very similar to the first game, and I can't say I enjoyed the main new mechanics, namely, some 3D "behind-the-back view" levels featuring horse riding and flying. In general, as often happens with sequels, it felt like most levels just added a minor evolution to things already seen in the first game, without really leaping forward very much at all. The experience is equally polished, but the original succeeded so well because everything was new: here I found that everything felt just a little too familiar and safe.

Still, it's hard to complain when the overall experience is so tight. There are some standout moments, namely a level involving riding a panda and the final boss fight, but years from now when I think back to the Gunman Clive games I'll be remembering a lot about my experience with the original and not much about the sequel.

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