There are a ton of fantastic puzzle games on DSi (and available through the 3DS's eShop), even outside of the fantastic Art Style series. Snapdots is a game that has appeared on a lot of "best of DSiware" lists, so I bought it a while back and have been playing it off and on since.

The game looks a lot like Picross and seems to get compared to it a lot. Basically you complete puzzles by shooting out blocks, and can use blocks as barriers (that you eventually remove) in order to fill in spaces that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get to. As with my experience with Picross I found that once I figured out how to solve the puzzles they were all pretty much the same. Granted, I got bored before I got deep into the most-difficult sets of puzzles, but for the most part trial and error and not much deep thought saw me through most of the puzzles up to that point and it's hard to imagine the later levels being significantly more interesting.

Although the presentation of Snapdots is cute, from what I remember of Mario's Picross I would put those games over this one. At that time I had said I preferred Picross to Sudoku, but thinking about it now I would probably give Sudoku the edge, as it seems to more actively exercise my brain than these other series. In any case, if you're a huge fan of Picross then this is an obvious buy, but if you're not then you may want to think twice about getting it.

Check out these not-too-sluggish Snapdots links:
- Apparently this game is a sort of remake of a GBA puzzle game by Compile called Guru Logi Champ
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