I'm a pretty big fan of classic literature, so picking up 100 Classic Books for DS was a no-brainer, esp. since I don't have a tablet (and I'm not planning on getting one anytime soon). The "game" was released very late in the DS's life-cycle, but in the US it came out after the release of the DSi XL, and its larger screens are much more suited to it. The collection has a very good selection of out-of-copyright titles, with plenty of old favorites like Pride and Prejudice and works by Shakespeare and Dickens, as well as quite a few books I'd never heard of.

There were different books included for the UK vs. the US edition (the entry on Wikipedia has a complete list), but to me the US edition seems to have a bit more variety and a better mix of books geared towards younger readers (e.g. books by Frances Hodgson Burnett, etc.). The release has a few basic options, such as adding music or ambient backgrounds, such as beach or fireplace sounds. There were also an additional ten books available to download and the ability to submit your ratings to a global ranking of the books while the DS still had Wi-Fi support.

There's not much more to say about this. I definitely enjoyed the convenience of having a selection of books at my fingertips while away from home, although in general I still prefer reading physical books. There are options for a small and a large font, and the large font worked fine for me (although I can't imagine the small font working well on a regular-sized DS). Because of the DSi's back-lit screens the books are more suitable for reading in darkness as opposed to in bright light, but otherwise I didn't have any problems with it. It would've been great if they'd included an option for white text on a black background, though. These are definitely not definitive versions of the books, as there are some obvious typos and they lack sufficient footnotes, but for $20 when it was released and much less than that now this is still a pretty good deal for its target audience.

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