Played yet another random puzzle game. Quell Reflect appeared on smartphones as well as 3DS, and I picked up the Android version for free. The game calls to mind the ice puzzles in the Zelda series, where you slide blocks (in this case, water droplets) that keep going until they hit a wall. There are several other mechanics gradually introduced in the game, such as spikes that can be pushed and rings that warp the droplets from one place to another, but less than halfway through I got bored with it. The game has a clean-looking interface and a nice, relaxing ambience, and although the puzzles often require some thought, they don't require much heavy brainpower. The game succeeds in providing occasional diversion, but this wasn't particularly addictive.

Apparently the game was preceded by a game called Quell, although it looks like the gameplay is pretty much identical. NintendoLife gave its sequel, Quell Memento, a high score in their review, so I may check that out at some point.

Relaxing Quell Reflect links:
- Review at NintendoLife
- Entry at Metacritic of the iOS version and the 3DS version.

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