I'm far from a crossword puzzle devotee, but I'd enjoyed playing the game CrossworDS on DS a few years ago. The clues in that game were quite easy (not too surprising given the DS's target audiences in general), so I picked up a game that I hoped would provide more of a challenge, which was New York Times Crosswords. The game has become completely unnecessary given the options available on smartphones nowadays, but I checked it out recently anyway.

As with the Jumble collection I played a while back, the goal of this game was clearly to provide a digital rendition of the popular pen-and-paper pastime. The game's interface is perfectly serviceable, although the game does have some odd presentation choices, like the drawings of apples and slices of pie that are featured. Maybe they're trying to give a cozy American feel. Anyway, the game lets you handwrite your answers or use an on-screen keyboard, and both options work fine. As with the actual crosswords in the New York Times, the game organizes the puzzles by days of the week where they get more difficult as the week progresses, i.e. Mondays are the easiest, and Saturdays are the hardest (I believe Sundays are about the difficulty of a mid-week puzzle). I played a couple of the easier puzzles, and everything works just as you'd hope, with different zoom options, etc., although there seems to be only one piece of background music. No big surprises, but with over a thousand puzzles this seems a good option if you're looking for a collection of crosswords to play on your DS-compatible device and for some reason don't have a smartphone.