I'd really enjoyed the two previous games I'd played by developer Neckbolt (i.e. solo developer Niklas Hallin), namely the adventure game Yono and the Celestial Elephants and the puzzle game Wolf Sheep Cabbage, so much so that I went ahead and bought his earlier game, Belladonna on Steam. The game is a short point-and-click adventure (a complete leisurely playthrough only takes about an hour), but as with Yono it has a lot of charm. The game has an interesting setup where you wake up as a recently reanimated corpse, and although I don't usually care for point-and-click adventures much due to the oftentimes obtuse puzzles and logic, here the puzzles are all pretty straightforward. The game's story is related via journal entries that you collect as you progress, and there are hints of philosophy, although nothing nearly as deep as Yono. The story and setting aren't nearly as rich as Yono either, but as an early effort there's still a lot to enjoy. The graphics, sound, and progression are all pretty good, and although the main character's voice acting isn't ideal, it was nice to have all the dialogue recorded. All in all this was a nice, quick, and entertaining (if not particularly unusual) game, and it helps fill in the gap for Yono fans as we wait for more from Neckbolt Games.

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