Just a quick post since I'm in the midst of a really long game. I'm not a big fan of podcasts in general, but I came across the Power Pros podcast not too long ago and I've become a regular listener. The podcast is Nintendo-centric and is the brain child of Chris "The Hoff" Hoffman, a former Nintendo Power editor, and Chris Slate, a former Nintendo Power editor-in-chief. Along with news and game impressions, in each episode the hosts also discuss a "big topic", such as all-time favorite Zelda games. I ended up liking the podcast so much that (perennially OCD list-maker that I am) I started the Power Pros Podcast Wiki a few week ago. The wiki aims to provide a timeline summary of each episode, and I've been keeping up with the latest episodes as well as going back to the old episodes starting from the beginning. I've been able to do a few episodes a week, although there are some 131 episodes in total so it will take me a while to catch up completely. It's been fun though, and I'm looking forward to continuing this ongoing side project. Feel free to check out both the podcast and the wiki. Enjoy!

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