Heroes of Ruin for 3DS was released in the summer of 2012, a year and a few months after the system's launch, although it feels more like a launch game than that timing would suggest. Even six years later the game remains one of the few dungeon crawler multiplayer types of games for the system, and although there are some good things about it, the game feels extremely basic overall.

First, the things the game does well. The game lets you pick from four different character classes that all feel distinct, and you can customize their looks to some extent (hair, colors, etc.). I played mostly as "the Savage", a muscular brawler type, although I also played around a bit with the Gunslinger, who specializes in long-range attacks. The other two classes are the Vindicator (knight with high defense) and the Alchitect (basically a mage). Combat is fluid, and although you can't change your class in a single playthrough, the game does provide you with four save files so you can easily try out all four classes.

The character's attacks and special attacks are decently varied, and on every level-up you can customize your stat increases a bit by distributing points for attack, defense, and specials. Level-ups also provide you a point you can spend on powering up a special move or learning a new one, although with the level 30 cap there aren't enough points to unlock and power up all the specials.

The gameplay loop itself is extremely basic. You'll be spending the bulk of your time traversing extremely generic semi-randomized dungeons comprised of long corridors and dead-ends. Although there are ostensibly several different locales (e.g. forest vs. caves), they all feel exactly the same. The story is extremely generic, and it's told mostly through chatting with characters with mostly voiced dialogue and through 2-D cutscenes (made a little more lively via the game's stereoscopic 3-D effects). There are a number of generic optional sidequests that are mostly fetch quests (e.g. "get 6 of this item drop"), and there's also a steady stream of loot in the form of enemy drops and treasure chests, although it's annoying that most of the equipment you come across will be for a different class than your own since it's random. You can also buy weapons and armor in the town that you visit between forays into the dungeons, and equipment is ranked according to their rarity, mostly based on if they have built-in buffs (such as giving a status effect to the enemy) or not.

All of the extra equipment you accrue and special skills you unlock end up being pointless because the game is ridiculously easy. Health potions and potions to restore your special attacks are everywhere, and I pretty much never had to formulate any strategy around combat. The game supposedly scales the difficulty based on how many other people you're playing with, but I didn't notice any difference in the difficulty between playing solo or with two to four people online. It's quick and easy to join a game or have friends or random people join yours, but without any challenge or variety the game gets old really quickly. A difficulty option would have benefited the game tremendously, especially if coupled with a new game plus mode. It's a shame, because the core combat and dungeon crawling is decent, aside from the drab dungeons. As it is I would only recommend the game to people who are looking for a multiplayer online 3DS game, particularly if you're playing with pretty young players.

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