The Dr. Mario series is another one of those Nintendo series that I continue to chip away because I'm a completist rather than because I'm a fan. I like puzzle games in general, but the core gameplay in Dr. Mario is a bit too finicky for me, due to the relatively high difficulty in setting up long combos. I enjoyed the Wii U entry, Dr. Luigi, which introduced new ideas for the first time in the series' history. The latest entry, Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, for 3DS, adds power-ups for the first time.

The power-ups, which are activated by filling up a meter, are pretty standard fare for puzzle games and include bombs, items that clear a single row or column, and items that trip up your opponent. Aside from the power-ups, the gameplay is identical to Dr. Luigi, and you can play with the regular Dr. Mario pills (two pieces joined together) or the Dr. Luigi pills (four pieces joined together). There's a brief mission mode with 50 stages that basically serves as a sort of extended tutorial, and you can play the Dr. Mario or Dr. Luigi modes in classic mode (where each level requires you to clear a preset number of viruses), or endless mode (viruses are continuously added from the bottom of the level). There's also a vs. CPU option for each mode, although high scores aren't recorded in that case. Lastly, the game includes the "Virus Buster" mode as well, which is the touchscreen version of Dr. Mario that first debuted in the Brain Age series.

As seems to be more often the case than not with Nintendo series, Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure evolves the series in baby steps and isn't a particularly compelling game, especially if you've been playing every entry up to this point. The game feels very basic, and the user interface in particular seems extremely plain and a definite drop from the presentation of Dr. Luigi. Long-time Dr. Mario developer Arika has created another serviceable but forgettable entry in the series, and this entry gives every indication that Nintendo is content to let this series mosey along with an entry released on every platform but with minimal development effort, which is a pity.

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