Night in The Woods got a lot of great reviews when it was released in February 2017, including one of its port to Switch a year later on NintendoLife. I keep thinking that I'm going to enjoy story-based games, but then I find that them to be sooooo slow. A lot of Night In The Woods' acclaim was that it looked at contemporary psychological issues in a realistic way, but I never really found myself that interested in the main character, Mae, or the small town she lives in. Yes, she had a lot of issues, but I couldn't relate to her apathy at all and was much more interested in her friends and the supernatural subplot. That subplot only appears in snatches, and although her friendships do get a decent amount of attention, apparently you can only focus on one of her three friends in a single playthrough, which is annoying. The core "walking sim" gameplay is very, very slow, and the interludes didn't do anything to curb my impatience. I had to really force myself to return to this game again and again in order to finish it. I was hoping the ending would feel like a big payoff, but it really, really didn't.

I suspect I'm too old to fit what I assume is the more 20-something quarter-life-crisis-experiencing target audience for this game, and it's still a mystery to me that even though I enjoy reading and I enjoy video games, I have yet to really find a story-based video game that I really loved and couldn't put down. There are games with strong stories that I have definitely enjoyed (Yono and the Celestial Elephants comes to mind), but this experience has unfortunately, left me even more wary of walking sims than before. Ho hum.

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