The Switch release of In my recent post about Ring Fit Adventure I'd mentioned that I've also been playing Fitness Boxing, another fitness title on Switch. The game actually had a bit more longevity for me than Ring Fit, mostly because of the number of routines. There are a number of boxing moves (jab, uppercut, hook, duck, etc.), and routines focus on a handful of them at a time. It's not hard to get the highest number of stars for each routine on the first time through, but new moves are introduced periodically, and that helps keep things interesting. The actual amount of exercise and effort isn't as strenuous as Ring Fit, but it's a little more engaging overall since you're not having to stop and start a bunch of different exercises and can get more in the zone of just doing a longer continuous routine.

The presentation is somewhat in the style of the Wii Fit games, but with more of a "techno cool" aesthetic. For each routine you can choose a shorter or longer version, and you can select from any of the song options, which are pretty bland instrumental versions of fairly well-known pop hits. You're also free to use whichever trainer avatar you want, although they're also pretty bland. Earning enough stamps (one per day that you play) unlock different items of clothing or accessories for each trainer, and unlocking all of them will take a good long while. At times you have to exaggerate the movements for the game to tell them apart, but the controls work fine in general. The exception to this are some of the moves included in the most advanced routines, which include short steps and small jumps, which I struggled to get the game to recognize consistently, especially when they come in quick succession. Again, really exaggerating the movements seems to help, and netting a high score doesn't really earn you anything, so it wasn't that big of a deal for me. One minor feature I enjoyed was being able to change the trainers' language. I got tired of hearing the same voice clips over and over again in English, so being able to learn a little of another language was a nice little extra feature.

After having unlocked all the routines there wasn't a lot to keep me interested in the game, but as the first boxing type of video game I played I enjoyed it as a change of pace overall. This has made me more curious about the raft of boxing video games that were released on Wii, so I'll probably see if I can find a cheap lot of them on eBay or something and try a couple of them out.

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