I'd been interested in checking out Overwatch for a while because it was so popular, and eventually I did buy it for my aging laptop. I dipped into it a bit, but a couple months later it was announced that it would be coming to Switch, so even though I hate double dipping, I made an exception and bought it again in the form of the Overwatch: Legendary Edition. I've avoided most team-based shooters for a good while now, but Splatoon and, I suppose, Fortnite to some extent have gotten me accustomed to a lot of the tropes. It's also interesting to see how Arms' character design and presentation have been influenced by Overwatch.

Anyway, I got into Overwatch around the same time that some people I knew were playing it a lot, so we ended up having a good time playing online together. As with a lot of these games, it's fun to just play casually and experiment with different characters. The game does a great job of providing distinct movesets and personalities for all the characters, and it's a lot of fun to try them out, but I didn't get to try out many of the attacker characters since I didn't want to wait in the queue for those spots. Instead I just focused on playing as tanks and healers, and found that I preferred healers so I could hold back and suport my teammates rather than have the pressure of trying to rack up kills myself. I ended up using Lucio the most, and Zarya was my most used tank, but when I was playing more casually I would also jump around between other characters, including D.Va and Baptiste. It's a little odd that in the regular 6v6 mode you're thrown into different modes (attack, defend, etc.) and don't get to pick, but I guess that forces you to get better at all of them. I also took part in and enjoyed some of the limited time events with their limited modes, such as the anniversary event.

All in all I definitely see the appeal of the game and enjoyed my time with it. I'm still not a huge fan of team-based shooters, but the colorful characters and the range of ways to play make the game fun even when you lose. I don't really feel much motivation to play it with a complete team of random strangers, so if I ever had another group of semi-regular friends to play with I would probably pick it up again. For now I'm happy to set this one aside (until the next seasonal event rolls around at least, haha), and I'm looking forward to the upcoming sequel which will presumably have a single-player campaign and a lot more lore integrated into the game itself rather than relegated to animated shorts, comics, and other media.