This is going to be a quick review. Although I enjoyed the smartphone release Dr. Mario World when it released last year, I've really gotten to like the game and I've been meaning to write an update on it since my rating of it has improved a lot. Playing that game has reminded me that I've been slowly working my way through all the Dr. Mario games, so I skipped past the SNES release and instead picked up my copy of Dr. Mario 64 in the hopes that it would be a little more interesting and gave it a quick play through.

Dr. Mario 64 serves as a reminder that until Dr. Mario World the series really didn't evolve much at all. The biggest updates to this iteration were the addition of a 4-player versus mode and a story mode that let you pick two between two routes, Dr. Mario's or Wario's. I remember from before that the story in this game is based on Wario Land 3, a game released on Game Boy Color about a year earlier. I'd really enjoyed Wario Land 3 when I played it way back when, and although it's a nice tie-in, the story mode is about as minimal as you'd expect and I'd forgotten nearly all of the enemies from Wario Land 3 anyway. It's nice to have Wario in a starring role, although sadly Luigi wouldn't get the call to join in until quite a bit later.

Despite not really offering much new, the game is still enjoyable. I'm still not really a fan of Dr. Mario's clunky combo system, but you don't actually have to focus on that at all to beat the story mode or when going head to head against the CPU in the regular versus mode. Unlimited continues in the story mode definitely takes the pressure off, and rotating capsules and matching colors as quickly as you can is still a good time. Overall the story mode and 4-player options make this one of the more memorable entries in the series, although at its core it's still not all that different from the NES original.

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