Blind Men is a visual novel that had sparked my attention a while back because it's one of only a handful of LGBT+ video games that has had a mainstream release. It's available on Switch, but I ended up getting it via's great BLM support bundle that ran earlier this summer. It's going to take a lot of effort to sort through even a fraction of that bundle, but Blind Men was the first one I tried out, and it was also the first game that I livestreamed on Twitch and made a Let's Play for on YouTube. My laptop is too old to really produce a quality livestream and, as with my blog, I don't have any great ambitions for it, but livestreaming does provide a good motivation for me to play some of the hundreds of games I've bought on Steam or otherwise have wasting away on my laptop.

Anyway, as for the game itself, it's pretty cute and fun light BL fluff. You play as Keegan, the nephew of an evil villain who is applying to join a society of evil villains. Keegan has to prove himself by pulling off a great crime, and the story revolves around his attempt to steal a famous diamond. In the process he runs into two possible love interests, Sergei and Hunter. The two are complete opposites, with Sergei being a laconic Russian military type and Hunter being a flirty James Bond type. The art, music, and story are enjoyable, although the script (translated from the original Spanish) had a ton of grammatical issues that apparently have been patched since. Also, after two playthroughs it becomes difficult to tell where the story branches, although there are guides online to help out.

The romance is pretty minimal and really only hinted at, and the game ends before the story really develops, but I didn't mind it being short and sweet. The developers have said they're not opposed to the idea of revisiting the story, so it may very well be that we'll see more from Keegan and his love interest at some point in the future.

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