I'm sure I'm not the only Nintendo super fan who's still carrying his 3DS around on the offhand chance I'll get a StreetPass (more realistically, to colllect the StreetPass coins you can earn, one for every 100 steps you take), but we're clearly well past the 3DS's prime. It's too bad the Switch never had an updated version of the 3DS's ingenious StreetPass functionality, where you can earn little in-game bonuses in a wide range of games that support the feature if your 3DS passes someone else's 3DS, even if you never take your systems out of your pocket. It's just as well, though, since it would've been a pain to have to think about carrying both systems around, haha.

Anyway, I recently got the second ending of Feed Mii, one of the five games that were part of Mii Plaza's final update from September 2016, four and a half years ago (!). I've written about the various add-ons to the original base Mii Plaza games as they've been released, and the most recent was the third batch of games (the second set of paid games), which included a fishing game and a zombie hack and slash. Back in the day it was a little thrill whenever you saw the green StreetPass light, and these quick play games provided a lot of variety. Nintendo really paved the way of the "few minutes a day" gameplay in games such as Animal Crossing and Nintendogs, and the StreetPass games were a perfect way of killing some time on the bus or the subway.

This third and last batch was the biggest update and consisted of a whopping five games, and you could download one of a choice of two for free. One of the options was Market Crashers, and that game is the quickest of the five to get through, both in terms of daily sessions and also in terms of 100% completing it. It's a basic stock market simulation, and I enjoyed its simplicity and also its references to all the other StreetPass minigames. On the other end of the spectrum, Ninja Launcher is a unique little game where you try to line up Miis of different heights and Slot Car Rivals is a real-time racing game that has you using one button to time boosting over certain parts of a range of tracks. Both of those games are fun, but they both require a lot of focus to do well, so they're my least played of the group.

In the middle are Feed Mii and Mii Trek. The former has you combining ingredients brought by Miis to follow or create new recipes, and the latter has you navigating a map to search for treasure. Both don't require a whole lot of attention, but like the flower shop managing game, both of them are going to take a huge amount of time to 100%. I was doing really well with getting to 100% in the original Mii Plaza games and the first batch of paid DLC, but many of the games in this and the second batch of paid DLC feel quite drawn out at times. The reign of the 3DS overlapped with the rise of smartphones, so the genre of quick play games has been completely oversaturated, no doubt contributing to my loss of interest in 100% completing the rest of the StreetPass games, particularly as getting StreetPasses themselves has become extremely rare and some games require you to have a real StreetPass rather than being able to use StreetPass coins.

All in all Mii Plaza had a great run while it lasted, and it's too bad that some of the games don't really make it possible to complete them 100% using StreetPass coins, or at least make it much more difficult. Overall I enjoyed this set more than the previous one, and I'm going to continue to carry my 3DS and work my way towards 100% completing as much as I can whenever my stash of StreetPass coins gets full, but it will continue to be bittersweet to come back to this game and recall how much fun it was in its heyday.

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