This will be a short post as I fully recognize that this is the fourth dancing game I've written about in three months, hahaha. As I continue my quest to play every single Just Dance game, I hit up the third and final of the artist-specific games, ABBA You Can Dance for Wii. I was assuming that this game was only released in Europe, but it turns out I was completely wrong on that and it was actually released in NA and EU at the same time (November of 2011).

The game has pretty much nothing in the way of surprises for the Just Dance vet, although they do incorporate a fair number of music videos in the background, a karaoke mode (which as usual I didn't try), and I think probably more four-person dances than the average Just Dance game. There's also this weird "mini musical" mode where you can play six of their only songs in a sequence with a sort of Grease-like aesthetic. Not sure what that's about, but I guess I didn't mind the change of pace. I also noticed that the four-person dances don't display the pictograms, which was a bit odd but not a big issue.

I was able to 4* all the songs and pick up a fair few 5* ratings along the way, and there were a number of ABBA songs that I hadn't been familiar with. In general the songs are enjoyable, although a lot are very disco feeling, which is not my favorite genre. I wouldn't say I've become a huge ABBA fan and some of the songs were a little perplexing from a more contemporary US perspective, but there's a good range and the choreographies are typical of the series, and thus pretty solid and fun. I definitely don't feel the need to spend more time with the game at the moment, but I had fun with it and this would still be a good game to play with friends who are fans of the group.

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