I'm not a huge fan of podcasts, and it looks like the last time I blogged about one was about the Power Pros Podcast, way back in 2018. I've been an avid watcher of the official Nintendo YouTube series Nintendo Minute since it first started in 2013, and it was a regular Friday ritual to watch the latest episode every week. I know I wasn't the only one who was really bummed out when it ended in December of last year.

Thankfully, the two hosts, Kit and Krysta, didn't completely let such a good thing die, and they've left Nintendo and have started up The Kit and Krysta Podcast and The Kit and Krysta Show. In both cases the content has expanded to include non-Nintendo games, and it's refreshing that the two are able to speak more freely without the corporate filter. The Show is most similar to Nintendo Minute and has similarly goofy antics, but the Podcast is a really meaty endeavor that run more than an hour and a half weekly. In it the duo share some behind the scenes stories of their time working for Nintendo of America's marketing team, give their take on some recent headlines, and discuss what they're currently playing, and they also work in some Nintendo Minute-like segments.

Kit and Krysta have started a Patreon subscription with various tiers available that I've been happy to join to support their content-making. In an early episode of their podcast the two joked about their show being the feel-good podcast of the year, but it really is comfort viewing. They're very personable hosts and their friendly rapport is genuine, as is their love of all things gaming, and their new content really does feel like their previous work but even better. It's hard to believe they're already on episode 15, and even though they're still evolving their content, everything has been wholly enjoyable so far and I can only see their output improving. If you liked Nintendo Minute, their new work is an easy recommendation, and this is a good time to check them out if you hadn't heard of them before. Definitely looking forward to continuing to enjoy their work for many more years to come, hopefully!

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