In my last post I wrote about Risk of Rain, a game that I quite enjoyed playing. I was looking forward to seeing how the game would make the leap to 3D, and it was easy enough to check it out since I had bought the two-pack physical release on Switch (although the first game was a download) but... unfortunately the results were disappointing. While I appreciated how so many of the elements from the 2D original get reworked in the sequel, the pacing just seemed completely different.

In the first game I could get to the later levels pretty easily and pretty quickly, but in this one it seems to take ages to get through even the first level. Part of it may be that trekking from one place to another takes a long time. Part of it may be that on the normal difficulty it takes too long to kill a single enemy. And part of it may be that useful items don't seem to drop as frequently. And maybe my preference for the immediacy of 2D games rather than the slower pace of 3D games also factors into it. Whatever the case, even though I tried to give this game a fair shot and invested a number of hours into it, it didn't feel even fractionally as addictive as the original and I just couldn't get into it. I was only able to get one of the unlockable characters so far, and that still didn't really add much to the experience either.

I wish I liked Risk of Rain 2 more than I did, but on the strength of the first game I'm going to have to go back adn give this game another try at some point. I just realized that while the game doesn't have any local co-op, that the online multiplayer does let you play with random people, which seems like it would be fun. Not sure when I'll get back to it, but I'll be keeping it in mind.

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